Friday, May 20, 2016

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Taking Care of Fire And Smoke Damage

Quick action is the only way to minimize the destruction. Though heavy residues require the assistance of professional restoration technicians, a certified technician may be contacted for any amount of smoke damage.

Remember safety comes first.
Do not enter the property without proper work gloves and appropriate respiratory protection. Exposure to soot residue causes respiratory distress and other medical emergencies.

Bring along A few box fans.
Upon entering the property open the windows and place the box fans in the windows to force out the contaminated air and dust. Proper ventilation helps to prevent further smoke damage and reduces potential injury to people.

Remove loose smoke contamination with a professional dry cleaning soot sponge.

Clean every surface with soap and water.
Begin at the top and work down to the floor. Be sure to get inside cabinets and cupboards.

Use a high efficiency vacuum cleaner with a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter.
A good filtration system on a high efficiency vacuum prevents the soot from being blown back into the cleaned space. Clean or change the filter regularly.

Launder bedding, clothes, curtains, and other washable materials.
An alkaline cleaner neutralizes the acid found in the soot. Fine materials should be professionally dry-cleaned by a dry-cleaner who is experienced in smoke damaged articles.

Clean the exterior walls and eaves using a water hose attached to the proper cleaner.
Agitate and loosen stuck-on soot. The smoke damage to the outside of the property will continue until the soot is removed.

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