Friday, December 30, 2016

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Preventing Carpet Mold

Shampooing and steam-cleaning the carpets alone won’t kill off mold; when carpets are still damp, mold colonies can redevelop quickly. Keep your carpets mold free by steam-cleaning with a vinegar, alcohol, and cleaning solution mixed with warm water regularly.

Quick Tips To Prevent Carpet Mold

Keep all rooms in the house well ventilated. Use dehumidifiers if necessary to reduce moisture in the air.
Avoid laying carpet in the bathroom; use tiles or other non-porous materials for bathroom floors.
Hang bathmats and towels up to dry after each use. Launder these in a hot cycle with a vinegar rinse at least once a week to sanitize them.
Make sure that damp items are never directly in contact with floors for any length of time – the bottoms of indoor plant pots, for example.

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